About Us
We are a sports club specialising in Baseball and Softball. We have baseball teams for juniors and for seniors and softball for all players 14 and older.
The junior baseball is divided into four age groups:
9U: This league is for boys and girls who are 9 years of age or younger. These players play on Saturdays during the summer season which starts in September and ends in March. The league format is a T-ball league where they hit the ball off a T. Below is an example:
T Ball
12U: This league is for boys and girls aged 12 and under. This age group plays on Sundays during the summer season.
15U: This league is for boys and girls aged 15 and younger and is also played in the summer season
18U: This league is mostly for boys aged 18 years or younger and merges with the senior league played in summer
Senior baseball has a number of different leagues which are played at different times of the year
Major A: This league is open to all players who are 16 or older and is the premier baseball league in Gauteng. This league is played in the summer season starting in September and ending in March.
Major B: This league is for all players who are aspiring to play in the Major A league, and is often made up of the 18U players.
Reserve and minor league: These leagues are for all players who prefer to play in a more social league, or are still learning the game. This league is played in the winter season which starts in April and ends in September
Night League:This league is for players aged 35 and older and is run by Ranburg Mets as a fundraiser. This league provides a short format of the game for players who just play for fun.
We have also included softball as one of the options for members
At this stage we have a ladies softball side which plays on Saturday afternoons during the summer season
Please check our Facebook page for fixtures and results.
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